How to Find a Free Dental Clinic


Check your local health department. Call them and inquire about getting free dental care at a clinic.


Talk with a representative of a health agency or a healthcare institution. He or she may be able to guide you in obtaining free dental care.


Consider buying a dental plan which will earn you a specific number of free visits to a dentist in the clinic.


Go online and search different Web sites. See if you qualify for a free dental checkup or treatment under a promotional offer.


Look for dental products and other promotional materials that offer a free dental trip to a clinic of your choice.


Ask friends and colleagues if they are aware of such offers or if they have had free dental treatment.


Visit a dentist and try to persuade him or her to get you a free treatment. You may get lucky and earn a free sitting or two.


Ask your family and friends if you can get a free dental checkup under their existing plan. Try calling up their insurance agent and see if you qualify.


Find out from the social security department in your city if you can get free dental care at a clinic.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check with your credit card company. You may request dental benefit points on its use instead of getting flying miles or other rewards. Chances are you may just get free dental treatment.
  • Become a member of institutions that offer free dental aid. Search online for such institutions
  • Get tips online from Web sites and blogs dedicated to dental and health services.
  • Ask about the minimum visiting fee charge. The treatment may not be 100% free. You may have to spend a little from your pocket.